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Code of Ethics

Infoworks Technology Services LLC


What we believe in when dealing with our customers.


Infoworks Technology Services LLC, in order to advance and uphold the honor, dignity, principles and evolving standards of IT Services, and in keeping with the highest ethics of conduct in dealing with all parties we will;


  • continually strive to increase the perception, competence, prestige and recognition of the profession.
  • maintain the highest degree of ethics reflected by the highest standards of business conduct.
  • exercise the highest degree of honesty, integrity and empathy in all our business dealings..
  • emphasize the professional spirit of our organization and our services by encouraging and promoting good relations.
  • be aware that our services place us in contact with many viewers and customers and our conduct and content reflects on the business as an industry.
  • apply ethical business practices in all administrative and financial aspects of our services.
  • consistently provide a quality of service equivalent to or greater than accepted industry standards.
  • comply with all legal obligations to provide professional services.
  • respect all relationships. We only make commitments we can honor.
  • not allow any member of our organization to alienate or discredit other similar services.
  • maintain strict confidentiality. Confidential information will be revealed only upon written authorization obtained from the affected party or parties.
  • be customer driven and take ownership of any problems until all issues are resolved.