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Help Desk Services



InfoWorks Technology Management Services, Help Desk Services Group, provides the most efficient and cost-effective desk-top support available. We analyze your business, work-flow and then tailor a solution that enhances end-user acceptance, productivity and minimize the total support cost.



  • Call Tracking: Our real-time knowledge base provides product and customer call histories so we can reach a resolution in the shortest possible time.
  • Automated Call Director: Our state-of-the-art ACD provides routing to next available support representative, time and date stamping, caller ID (so appropriate screen is presented) and alarm levels to handle peak volumes and deliver the support according to desktop type.
  • Order Processing: We provide Requisition Management, order Placement, Expediting, Product Substitutions and Product Allocations
  • Order Tracking: We provide Vendor Performance Reporting, Logistics and Billing.
  • Fulfillment: We provide Product, Configuration, Set-up, Image Load and Certification in Operating Environment.
  • Reporting: We provide Acquisition Summary, Product Configuration, Invoice Consolidation by Project Number and Vendor Performance reports.


    Staging, Installation and Maintenance


  • Upgrades: We extend technological product life by Planning, Installing and Maintaining Hardware and Software Upgrades.
  • Reconfiguration Support: Provide support services that encompass Moves/Adds and Updates.
  • Maintenance: Repair and restore hardware to original specifications quickly, efficiently and economically.