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Life Cycle Services

InfoWork's Data Center Life Cycle Services can help make your data center available, efficient, and safe throughout its life cycle.


Value Added Services

  • Managing many cycles of change, including upgrades
  • Ensuring the data center can deliver business value and provide measurable competitive advantages
  • Standardized, documented, and validated methodology    

Differentiation Factors

  • Complete array of services that solve technical challenges, simplify your life, reduce IT costs and add to the bottom line
  • A team of trained specialists covering every phase and system in the data center
  • Over 19 years experience developing processes and leveraging the latest automation tools





Life-cycle Services means complete and total support from cradle to grave and includes; RFQ preparation, sourcing, purchasing, installation, testing, software and network setup, training and 365/24/7 support and maintenance and end-of-life disposal. This is all part of Asset Management.